Get to Know Us


Hi my name is Madeline Olsen, and I am the owner of Snug Slimes.

I started my company when I was 10 years old. I had just broken my foot, and I needed something to put my energy into. I started watching slime videos and I loved it. Then I had my friends come over to make slime with me and we had the best time. Our friends started buying it and I love making new slimes and I have so many ideas.


I’m Maile, and I love how satisfying it is to make slime.

My favorite part is getting to hang out with my friends and talking for hours while we package your slime!


I’m Isla, and my favorite thing to do with slime is make it, but the hardest thing to do is get it to the right consistency.

I love mixing colors together to come up with new slime ideas.

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